Frequently Asked Questions


Can I edit them as well as place my company name on the slides and teach from them? can delete, add, change the colores and the contents, remove our logo and add yours. It is open source ppt, you can change what you think it is suitable for you.     

Our students will also be able to get a printed copy ... yes?

That's right , they can get a printed copy after you doing your changes and adding your name and logo. So they can use this copy as a reference for their study.   

How can I pay?

 By using PayPal;  *please note that all charges are in US dollars.  

What I will Receive?

RTT Training Manual: includes

  • Introduction to RTT in addition to some instructions to you as a trainer in presenting this course. 
  • PowerPoint Slides: the Slides of course for presentation. 
  • Training Forms: word documents of all required training forms such as trainees’ assessment, training evaluation and more. 
  • Ready To Train Certificates: One page of professional RTT certificates.  
  • Ice Breakers and Games books: PDF books help you to provide team building activities. 
  • Free PDF Books in the training subject: number of PDF books in same subject of your training course. 
  • Games: games are designed especially for the course that could help in delivering the knowledge in enjoyable method.

In what format will I receive the training materials؟

Microsoft word, power point and excel 

What rights fie us of the training materials I will have?

You have complete rights for use of the materials that you have  purchased from Ready to Train.  You may copy as many  as  required for your trainees.

However, you may not; Copy the whole or any part of the material for  sale or re-distribution.


If I accidentally deleted the files you sent me; what can I do?

Just contact our customer service through our email  and we will email it to you again:

Im a trainer, can I use your training materials?

Sure; these training materials are for you; it will save your time and effort; you will get very haigh qulity of products that will help you in acheiving your goals. 

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